Communicate Naturally

Naturally show your business acumen, draw in your professional experience and share your technical insights.

Focus on your Strengths

Use the questions to focus on your strengths by explaining your thought-process, including logic and critical thinking.

Build Rapport

Through meaningful discourse build rapport with the recruiter – this means listening to feedback and refining your answers.

Tips for the Applicant

What is InterQ?

InterQ is an iOS app that conducts a short test and provides a response sheet. The test does not check any job skill, aptitude or psychological behaviours. It’s simply an ice breaker designed to get you and the recruiter talking to each other.

No wrong answers

There are no right or wrong answers to the questions on InterQ. The questions are purposely designed to illicit open-ended responses which you can discuss with the recruiter.

How do I prepare?

You can’t really prepare for InterQ per se – but you can do your homework on the company, the job role and industry trends.

What kind of questions can I expect?

The questions are related to business, technology and work styles. They are designed for a typical professional worker to think about and answer.

How do I answer a question I'm not sure of?

The best idea is to answer the question as honestly as possible. Remember, you can discuss in detail with the recruiter – that’s the whole point of InterQ.

What to do when the interview ends

Ask follow up questions from the recruiter – this include what the next steps are in the hiring process. And don’t forget to thank the recruiter for considering you.

Try InterQ for yourself

Visit the App Store to get it for your iPhone.

About the Team

InterQ is developed by the team at ShoutEx, a growing startup located in Ottawa, Canada.

We focus on creating technology solutions that address the business needs of companies.

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