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Why use InterQ for the recruitment team?

InterQ helps your recruiters build rapport with the applicants – regardless of job type, experience or qualifications. This ensures all types of applicants set their best foot forward and shine during the interview. Your recruiters don’t over look any of the applicants and pass on the right set of candidates to the hiring manager for further interviews.

How does InterQ fit with our current HR tools?

Let InterQ become part of your collection of recruitment tools - but don't use it as the only HR tool. Make sure your recruiters are comfortable using the app and discussing the responses.

Can we customize the tests?

In our current version this is not possible. But we are working on updating our app to support custom questions that can be created, edited and maintained by the HR team of a company.

Is there API integration to a third-party recruitment system?

Our current output is a PDF file sent via email. Our next version will support an XML output which can be easily integrated into any third-party recruitment system.

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About the Team

InterQ is developed by the team at ShoutEx, a growing startup located in Ottawa, Canada.

We focus on creating technology solutions that address the business needs of companies.

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