Set clear expectations

Clearly explain that InterQ isn’t an aptitude test – but a set of questions designed to break the ice. There are no right or wrong answers.

Best foot forward

Help the applicant place their best foot forward. Play to their advantage by leading the discussions towards their strengths.

Build trust

Act as a facilitator and guide the applicant with their answers to build trust and rapport. Make them feel comfortable to show who they really are.

Tips for the Recruiter

When should I introduce InterQ?

It’s best to introduce InterQ after 10 minutes into the interview – especially after verifying key points of the resume and briefly going though their past work experience.

Explain what InterQ is to the applicant

Before you start, clearly explain what InterQ is to the applicant. It’s a simple set of open ended questions that have no right or wrong answers. The applicant can answer them in anyway they want. Afterwards you and the applicant discuss the responses together. Emphasise that the questions aren’t designed to test aptitude, personality or any psychological behaviours. They are simply to break the ice during the interview.

What device should I run InterQ on?

If your HR department has a dedicated iPad, then you can use that device for testing applicants. Or alternatively, you can ask the applicant to download the app on their iOS device.

How long is the test?

InterQ tests shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. It’s best to leave the applicant alone in the interview room for those few minutes.

Which test should I run?

Choose the test that is closest to the job they are being interviewed for. It’s best to load up the correct test on the device before leaving the interview room.

What to do when the applicant has finished testing

After the applicant has finished the test, make sure the response sheet is emailed to you. You can do this through the test history screen.

How can I use the response sheet?

The response sheet provides topics which you can discuss with the applicant. Remember to create an open environment where the applicant feels comfortable to share their thought process.

Help guide the discussions to their advantage

Your goal is to help them open up and show why they would be a good fit for the job and your company. So guide the discussions around their skills, help them reference their professional experience and draw on their industry knowledge.

Should I always use InterQ?

Use good judgment in determining whether to use InterQ with the applicant. If the app doesn’t load up, or if there are no iOS devices, then verbally ask the InterQ questions. Discuss and explore the with the applicant as you would do using the response sheet.

Try InterQ for yourself

Visit the App Store to get it for your iPhone.

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